Subscription Categories & Rates
Member category descriptions and associated fees

Membership Application Form

Adult Membership: Full unrestricted membership for those that are not compliant with the requirements of other categories.

Beginners 1st Year Membership: For new golfers - must not have held a previous golf club membership. Beginner members may not play in Club Competitions, Club Matches or Captain's Exchange Days.

Junior Membership: Full membership for those compliant with the defined age ranges.

Student Membership: Full membership for those compliant with the defined age range and in full time higher education.

Intermediate Membership: Full membership for those that comply with the defined age ranges.

Senior Membership: Full membership for those in the age range 80 to 89 inclusive.

Age 90 and over Membership: For those members aged 90 and over, no annual subscription fee will be levied.

9-Hole Membership: Full membership for those only playing nine holes each round.

Country Membership: This membership is for those who have a UK address more than 40 miles radius from Easingwold Golf Club. The Club will process information required to obtain a WHS handicap for Country members who do not have a home Club elsewhere. The membership permits unrestricted access to Club competitions and play in all forms of competitive matches..

Overseas Membership: Full membership for golfers spending a significant time in residence abroad (at least four consecutive months). Overseas members will have access to competitions and matches. The Club will process information required to obtain a WHS handicap.

Low Income Membership: This is a free membership to those who can show they cannot afford to pay more than £520 per year to play golf. Members would be charged a £10 per round green fee each time they played, which can be on any day of the week. The Club would also provide a number of used golf clubs for members to use at no cost. These members would have full use of Club facilities and voting rights. The Club will not manage their handicaps and they would be unable to play in any competitions, including friendly matches. Please Email the Professional for more details on the terms and conditions which apply to this category.

Driving Range Membership: This will give access to the driving range, practice ground, practice putting green and the clubhouse facilities. No access to Course, or participation in Competitions, Matches or Exchange Days.

Social Membership: A non-playing membership providing use of Clubhouse.

Rates are applicable for the year 2022-2023.

Adult Full Member Annually £920.00
Beginner 1st Year (new golfers with no previous Golf Club membership) Annually £650.00
Junior (12 and Under) Annually £65.00
Junior (13 - 18) Annually £110.00
Student (Aged 19 - 24 in full-time higher education) Annually £175.00
Intermediate 1 (Aged 19 - 24) Annually £245.00
Intermediate 2 (Aged 25 - 29) Annually £470.00
Intermediate 3 (Aged 30 - 35) Annually £695.00
Senior (Aged 80 - 89) Annually £845.00
Aged 90 or Over N/A No Fee
9-Hole Annually £570.00
Country Annually £690.00
Overseas (Special Conditions Apply) Annually £690.00
Low Income (Special Conditions Apply) Per Round £10.00
Driving Range Annually £60.00
Social Annually £54.00 incl. VAT
Locker Rent (Small/Large) Annually £10.00/£15.00
Trolley Store Rent Annually £15.00